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Happy Easter

We’re taking time out for an Easter holiday break until Tuesday 26th April
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Lockdown flowers


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Thank you

To all our wonderful customers THANK YOU for all your support during Co-vid 19 it has been overwhelming and we are so grateful 🌺


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It's Valentines Day!

The big day is finally here! We're tired, you're excited, men are scared, what could be better? It's Valentines day! Yay! Or maybe you're not so excited? In which case you have even more of a reason to stop into our little shop and let us help you cheer yourself up. All the single ladies out there, help your sisters out and send them a bunch to let them know they are loved. Maybe even sign it as a secret admirer....we promise we wont tell! Because here at Harperwood we think valentines day should be exciting for each and every one of our beautiful customers! So come in tomorrow to spoil yourselves or spoil a loved one, because sometimes we all need a day to stop and remember how lucky we are to be loved. 
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An Ode to Dior

In honour of the end of NY Fashion week 2013, we thought we would let you in on how Dior has inspired our little shop to achieve big things. This years catwalk took place in 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'....


We know how beautiful it looks, but we couldn't help but think back to an older Dior Paris show, a truly breathtaking display of the power of flowers en-masse, created by the very talented Antwerp based florist, Mark Colle. Take a look and imagine the smell:


We are so excited to be attempting to emulate these beautiful flower walls in a wedding in January! Stay posted to hear about our plans for the big day. 

We'll leave you this time with a quote from the great man himself, so until our next post just remember...

"After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world." - Christian Dior.

Thanks for reading!

The Ladies from Harperwood

September 20 2013, 0 Comments

Welcome to our cyber-flower-space!

Yay, Harperwood and our beautiful flowers are up and digitally running! At long last our sorry old website has said its goodbye’s and our beautiful new one is right at your fingertips. Now you can buy your favourite arrangements online and have them delivered all over Sydney. Though that doesn’t mean you can stop popping into our little shop to say hello. In fact we insist you still do! We will be very lonely if all our lovely customers only interact with us in cyberspace. We are also very excited to be keeping in contact with new and old flower fans through this little blog. Here we will let you in on all our little secrets, from where we source our inspiration (the field is far and wide), to tips on how to care for your floral delights and even ideas for new window displays. We hope our posts will transfer our love of flowers into each and every one of you so you can help us spread the joy that only a flower from a special someone can bring.

Thanks for reading!

The Ladies from Harperwood

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